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Better Food Foundation

Launched in 2017, the Better Food Foundation (BFF) supports dietary change initiatives to build a healthy, equitable, environmentally sustainable, and kinder food system. We advocate for a transition toward plant-based diets as one important part of solving a range of complex climate, human health, animal welfare, and social justice problems.

Our unique approach includes grantmaking, in-house advocacy campaigns, building coalitions, and incubating organizations and leaders working toward an acute reduction in the consumption of animal products worldwide.

BFF is particularly interested in supporting leaders who are typically underrepresented in national initiatives, especially leaders and organizations within communities of color, faith institutions, and academia.

A Well-Fed World

A Well-Fed World is an international hunger relief and food security organization advancing plant-based foods and farming to create a sustainable, nourished, and climate-friendly future.

AWFW's mission is to strengthen plant-based feeding and farming solutions for impoverished populations and the world at large, while championing a shift away from the consumption and production of animal-sourced foods as part of any viable strategy to improve global food security and mitigate the climate crisis.

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Vine Sanctuary with Text.png

VINE Sanctuary Veganism Is The Next Evolution

VINE is an LGBTQ-led farmed animal sanctuary that works for social and environmental justice as well as for animal liberation. Hundreds of animals co-create our unique multi-species community. We were the first sanctuary to rehabilitate roosters used in cockfighting. VINE stands for “Veganism Is the Next Evolution” AND “Veganism Is Not Enough.” Our solar-powered sanctuary is driven by an ecofeminist understanding of the intersections among the ways that humans hurt animals, each other, and the environment. Yes, we do need your help! We are as freegan as we can be, but the costs of feeding and vetting so many animals are high, and everything else we do is rooted in our care for them.

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